Indian Rupee now has a new symbol. Now you can use it in your word and other documents as more.
Getting bored working hard? Try this game more.
Did you ever find Google maps satellite pictures to be a little too blurry and buildings look like rectangles? Well you should try out Bing maps. The birds eye view will really make you say ... more.
VLC is one of the most popular media players in the world because of its ability to play almost anything thrown at it without much hiccups. You will be surprised to find that there are a lot of other things that VLC can do. Many of these are so useful you might already have searched a lot for alternate softwares to do more.
A super cool Condom for USB drives to prevent computers from virus infections. Anit-virus for flash drives is not new, but the condom concept by Ko-Yang definitely more.
Internet has been nominated for this years Nobel Peace Prize. WikiLeaks seems to the nearest more.
How the same face would look like for women from different more.
Google algorithm changed to weed out content farms. Could this be the end of "bullshit" more.
Does the new pop-up window image viewer of Facebook seem ugly? Well you can switch back to the old one more.
Watson is IBMs answer to its quest to create a computer brain that can understand and respond to human language that will change the way we interact with machines. more.
OpenDNS recently released statistics detailing the most blocked websites in 2010. Well, you will be surprised to see that Facebook tops the chart as the most blocked more.
Google has released a new Chrome browser extension which enables users to block websites selectively in search results. This is the first time that Google has gone beyond their algorithm-centric nature to involve massive scale human filtering for better search more.

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