Torrent technology is the latest and most widely used peer-peer data transfer technology where two computers transfer data directly with each other without having to pass data through a server. To download files using a torrent file, here is what you do

  1. Download and install a torrent client like SKDownloader
  2. Go to a torrent site and search for a file you want to download. Many can be found by searching the web. e.g. KickassTorrents, isohunt

Now there are two ways. First the hard way-

  • Once you have found the desired file on the torrent site, click the "Download This Torrent" (or however they word it).
  • Save the .torrent file to an easy to locate place. Then open skdownloader and use the "Add Torrent" feature.
  • It might ask for a download location or start the download automatically if you have configured a default location. You may now go and do something to pass the time, because torrents do not require your attention and will download in the background.

Finally the easy way-

  • SKDownloader has a browser extension which installs by default for Internet Explorer, but needs to be installed explicitely for firefox(available in the download page of skdownloader). If you have installed it, you will be getting a "download with skdownloader" when you right click on a torrent link.
  • If you have this option, just right click on the torrent link and select "download with skdownloader" option. SKDownloader will either ask you for the download location or start downloading automatically if you have configured a default download location. It will download the torrent file internally and start downloading using the torrent file automatically.