With more than $30 billion worth of smartphones getting lost every year in US alone, you should be very lucky if you have not lost at least one phone in your entire life. Not to mention the frustration if you loose one - apart from one costly device you have to replace, all your contact numbers are gone and so is any important data that you might have saved on your smarphone.

The number of lost phones tend to get higher in festivals and special occasions. And the places where most cell phones get lost also varies from region to region.

For instance, those in Seattle are most likely to come out of a fast food joint without their cell phones, while those in Philadelphia run a fairly high risk coming out from Churches. The same is the case in Chicago, the place of prayer ranks as the third most common place to lose a phone.

The below infographic created by BackgroundCheck.org, which used research by Lookout Mobile Security details where and when the precious phones are usually lost.