With the new Google maps embed code, you would notice that the Street View option is no longer available. This is something that Google took away with their recent V3 release. Also, the new Google Maps tries to add a lot of personalization and the map looks cluttered if you are not signed in to Google.

Many solutions have come out in the form of third party web apps which allow embedding Google Maps the old way. But the word "third party" would make a lot of us shy away primarily because the map will be gone if the third party site goes down. Not to mention the effort and time needed to find and clean up the embedded maps which are not showing up.

Google Maps Including Street View Without Using Third Party Apps.

So here's a better solution which doesn't use any third party web apps. Just select your location, adjust the map as you want and use the generated code to embed the map with Street View on any web page. You can select the type of map, dimensions(width/height) and even the tilt in case of satellite view.

Map Type: 

Copy-paste this code to embed the above map.

How it works.

For the technically minded, here are some details. When you use a third party tool, an iframe is loaded from the third party web app which in-turn will load the Google map inside it.

But with the above tool, an iframe is first generated at run-time which is added exactly where you add the embed code. Then code to generate the map using Google Maps javascript api V3 is injected into this iframe which runs dynamically to show the map. The injected code is customized to include all the options you have selected including Street View, latitude, longitude, zoom etc.