A study done by commonsensemedia found that 38% of children under 2 years have used cell phones or tablets to see pictures, play games or even make calls. The fact that the operating systems in these devices doesn't actually require you to be able to read or type in order to navigate makes it much easier for kids to use and learn. Even my 1.8 year old daughter knows how to open up the camera app on my android phone and flip through the photos. She also wants me to take her pictures once in a while Laughing

Now one good thing is that it keeps them away from TV filled with useless cartoons. On a tablet on the otherhad, parents have full control over what goes inside and what the childe sees. An there are many apps out there which actually make kids learn and help with brain development while having fun at the same time. That's one way to look at it, although I am sure there would be many disagreements.

Any way for the like minded, here is a list of the best and cheap tablets you can buy for your kids.

Best 10 tablets for kids.