SafeSearch With Locking to Protect Kids From Adult Content.
Google now allows locking SafeSearch so you need not worry about inappropriate content when your kids search on the Internet.
Google Maps Gets a Turbo Boost With MapsGL.
Google has introduced an experimental feature for Google maps called MapsGL turning maps to a 3D mirror of the real world.
Share Google Reader Items to Google+ Directly.
Google reader hasn't provided an option for sharing stories to Google+. But you can easily add a "Share to Google+" button for your feed items with this simple trick.
Google Rates Facebook to be Better Than Google+.
Google has rated Google+ to be behind Facebook in terms of page rank. Google+ got only 8 whereas Facebook scored 10.
Effects of Google on Your Memory.
Does Google have some side effects on your brain memory power? This interesting poster definitely will give you some food for thought.
Effect of Gravity on GOOGLE.
Tired of the old Google search page look? Why not try this cool site from which adds some gravity effect on Google.
Growth Chart of Google+ With 50 Milllion Users in 88 Days.
It took 3 years for Facebook to reach 50 Million users. Google+ just did it in 88 days... Truly amazing!!!
Download Original Full Size Version of Shared Photos From Google+
Google+ now allows users to download the original of shared photos if the owner permits. If you don't want to, you can easily disallow downloads of the originals easily.
How to Make Gmail Load Faster.
Gmail is the most preferred email web service in the world. But if you are low on bandwidth, it's loading time really sucks. Here are some simple tricks to improve Gmail loading time.
Gmail Undo - Recovering Mail After Hitting Send Button
How many times have you wished you could take back the email you just sent out. Here is an undo option for Gmail.
Access Gmail, Google Calender and Docs Offline in Chrome
Google's "Offline Google Mail" app to read your mails offline from Chrome browser.
Preview Pane for Gmail Similar To Outlook/Thunderbird
Gmail now offers preview pane using a split panel layout similar to any desktop email client.
How to Permanently Delete Google+ Account
Simple steps to easily delete your Google+ account permanently without removing the full Google account.
How To Get Latest Information From Google Search
Do you find information from Google search results a bit old? There are some useful Google filters right under your nose that can give you some surprising results.
Google+ 'Add to Circles' Widget for Blog or Website
Add a "Add to Circles" Google+ Widget to your Blog or website sidebar and get connected to your readers in Google+.
Google+ Personal URL with Custom Username
Simple trick to get custom personal Google+ profile URL having your username.