How-To Guides

How to Share Your Whole Desktop With Others Easily
Best and easiest way to share your desktop with some one else over the Internet.
How to See Hidden Files and Folders in Windows
How to view hidden files, folders and drives in Windows.
How To Remove Metadata From Images
Digital cameras embed meta data unknowingly into your photos which you wouldn't want when you share them. Here is a an easy way to remove all meta data from your images.
Black Theme for Youtube Video Player.
Youtube recently added a new dark theme for it's video player. You can also switch to the new theme for videos you have added in your blog or website.
How to Permanently Delete Google+ Account
Simple steps to easily delete your Google+ account permanently without removing the full Google account.
Google+ 'Add to Circles' Widget for Blog or Website
Add a "Add to Circles" Google+ Widget to your Blog or website sidebar and get connected to your readers in Google+.
Google+ Personal URL with Custom Username
Simple trick to get custom personal Google+ profile URL having your username.
How to Hide Your Email Address from Facebook Apps.
Some Facebook apps and games would like to know your real email address before you can add them to your Facebook profile. You can however avoid sharing your email address and still use the app.
How To Check and Detect Wireless Bandwidth Theft
Does your wireless network go slow occasionally? It could easily be due to wireless bandwidth theft by a hacker. Here is a simple trick to check and detect bandwidth theft easily.
View Facebook And Twitter Posts Inside Google+
Have you joined Google+? Well you can now easily view your Twitter and Facebook live stream inside Google+ itself.
How To Get Google+ Invite For Free.
Do you want to try out Google+? Google has only given out a limited number of invites, but we have got some for our readers. So don't wait till our invites basket goes empty.
How To Add a Second Router to Increase Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Range.
Simple trick to extend the range of your wireless network with a spare second router.
Hide Windows Drive or Partition Easily.
Have lot of stuff in your windows drive that you want to hide from others? Here is a simple technique with which you can hide your windows drives easily.
Download Google Books As PDF Easily For Free
Google books provide tons of free books for reading only. Now you can easily download these books as pdf or image to your computer for free.
How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Computer
Badly want to restore a file you deleted earlier? There is hope. Windows doesn't remove data immediately when you delete a file. Here is an easy to use tool that can recover your deleted files quickly.
Open Multiple Web Sites At Once With A Single Click
For most of us, there are a few websites that we visit every day. How good it is if you can open all these web sites together with a single click from your browser.