How-To Guides

How to Delete A Google+ Page for Business.
How to delete a Google+ page for business.
How to Create a Google+ Page For Business.
How to create a Google+ page for your buisiness.
How to Share Google Reader items To Google+
Sharing items from Google reader to Google+: Its more than just clicking the +1 button.
Installing Gimp Plugins.
How to install Gimp plugins.
Watermark Your Photos With One Click Using Gimp.
Watermark your photos to copyright them and prevent misuse with a single click.
Customise Ubuntu to Optimise Productivity With Unity.
Simple tools that can help you make the best out of your Ubuntu Unity desktop and increase your productivity.
How to Find and Remove Inactive Google+ Friends.
Do you have a lot of inactive friends in your Google+ circles? Uncircle+ is the perfect solution to find and remove all inactive people from your circles.
How to Run Android On Your Computer Using Virtualbox.
Installing and trying out android operating system using virtualbox.
Using Google Simulator to Run Android On Your Computer.
Try out android on your computer without actually buying a smart phone .
Share Google Reader Items to Google+ Directly.
Google reader hasn't provided an option for sharing stories to Google+. But you can easily add a "Share to Google+" button for your feed items with this simple trick.
Access Blocked Websites at Your Office or Home Easily.
Are you blocked from accessing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc at work or at home? Here is a super cool trick to access any blocked website easily.
Read QR Codes Directly From Browser Without Using Phone.
Easy way to read QR codes directly from browser without using a mobile phone with QR reader.
Disable or Lock your Keyboard and Mouse With Child Lock.
Easy way to lock your keyboard and mouse to prevent little fingers from messing up your important work.
How to Get Full URL In Firefox 7 Address Bar.
Firefox 7 shows a shortened URL by default in address bar with http and https removed. If you don't feel comfortable, here is how you can easily make Firefox 7 show the full URL.
How to Make Gmail Load Faster.
Gmail is the most preferred email web service in the world. But if you are low on bandwidth, it's loading time really sucks. Here are some simple tricks to improve Gmail loading time.
Create Virtual Router to Share PC Internet Connection with Any Wifi Device.
How to easily share internet connection of your PC or laptop with your android phone without using an actual router.