How-To Guides

Google Search Using SMS.
Google's new service lets you get search results as text messages in your mobile phone for Free.
How Not to Use Your SmartPhone.
Smartphone addiction is on the rise and so are the side effects. Here's a cute video on how not to use your smartphones.
How to Track Your Gmail Login Activity.
Check if someone is spying on your Gmail account silently.
Configure IMAP Mail For Yahoo Small Business.
How to configure and use IMAP email for your small business email account.
How to Track Your Yahoo Login Activity.
Hackers now leak information from your email silently. Lean how to check for spurious activity in your Yahoo account.
Eavesdropping Trick Using your Mobile.
Want to spy on someone's closed door conversations? Here is a simple trick using your mobile phone.
How to See Google+ in iPad.
A better way to view Google+ on iPad.
Install and Use Google Currents Outside US.
Google currents - A better way to read your favorite websites in android or iOS devices.
Prevent Youtube From Bufferring a Paused Video.
Pausing a Youtube video does not stop the video download. Here is how you can pause the buffering completely.
How to Skip Windows 8 Metro Startup Screen and Go Directly to Desktop
Hate the Metro UI screen on Windows 8 startup? Learn how to skip metro startup screen and go directly to your desktop.
Google 2-step Verification Keeps Hackers Out.
With thousands of Google accounts getting hijacked every day, what better time to enable 2-step verification.
How to View WebP Images
WebP - a revolutionary image format from Google with anywhere between 20-30% smaller size than JPEG or PNG.
Start a Google+ Hangout From Youtube
Youtube videos on Google+ hangout - as good as watching it together in real life.
How to Save a Wet Cell Phone.
How to save your precious cell phone that accidentally fell in water.
Colorful QR Codes to Make Branding even Better.
Learn to Create colorful QR codes with embedded logo images for better branding.
Get a Google+ Badge for Your Blog or Website.
Grow your audience on Google+ and allow people to add you to their circles and +1 your pages without leaving your site.