A guide to QR codes - creating and using them innovatively to promote your own business, website or blog...read more.
Reality check: For every $1000 in music sold, the musician gets only $23...read more.
Now you can see weather reports for your area in Google maps. Google's customizable weather layer can also show cloud cover as well...read more.
Yahoo launches Movieplex - a new movie channel with free streaming new and old Indian Bollywood movies...read more.
Outlook showing "pst file corrupted" is a nightmare for anybody. You can use the free hidden tool from Microsoft already installed and available in your computer to fix it...read more.
A nice and funny video from Lenovo for the ThinkPad laptop...read more.
How to put a scare crow to discourage your neighbor from using your wireless network...read more.
Digital cameras embed meta data unknowingly into your photos which you wouldn't want when you share them. Here is a an easy way to remove all meta data from your images...read more.
Gmail now offers preview pane using a split panel layout similar to any desktop email client...read more.
A neat and cute poster with details of new features expected in iPhone5...read more.
Youtube recently added a new dark theme for it's video player. You can also switch to the new theme for videos you have added in your blog or website...read more.
Simple steps to easily delete your Google+ account permanently without removing the full Google account...read more.

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