Best ever concept design for iPad 3 with 100% screen area without frames, 3D holographic display and best of all - you can combine multiple iPads to one...read more.
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Australian Landscape Theme - Windows 7 theme with pictures of lush green fields, peaceful groves of trees, and picturesque remnants of a rustic past in Australia...read more.
Interesting infographic on the epic battle between web designers and web developers...read more.
Almost all iDevices like iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4S or iPod have underclocked processors. Here's a trick to run them at native speeds and improve performance...read more.
Learn how to re-install and restore all your android apps after you do a factory reset or buy a new android phone...read more.
Have you ever wondered why of all the 26 keys, Google selected "j" and "k" as shortcuts to move items forward and backward in all their services?..read more.
Does the sudden sounds played automatically by flash websites or ads drive you crazy? Here's the perfect trick to mute all sounds from your Firefox browser...read more.
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Google is combining the pieces of what it knew about you into one. It also lets you see what it knows about you ... a bit scary!!..read more.
Learn how to put animated images on your Google+ profile page...read more.

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