Windows 8 doesn't make Adobe Acrobat Reader as default for PDF files. If you would like to make Acrobat Reader the default instead of Windows Reader, here's how to do more.
Most new Windows Live users hit the sign-in errors 800488fa and 80048836. There is nothing wrong with your messenger!! Here's how you can fix more.
Firefox reset makes it like a freshly installed one with few additional stuff retained like your bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords and form more.
Is your Windows Explorer not showing thumbnails of all video formats? Here is an easy fix that enables preview for almost any video format out more.
Google's new interactive website called "Story of Send" explains the incredible journey an email message takes from the moment you click "Send" till it reaches the more.
Did you ever wanted to know the location of that beautiful place you saw in a photo? Here's an easy way to find out using Google image more.
Did you know Apple could buy out RIM, Nokia, Twitter, Adobe, Netflix & T-Mobile together and will still have enough money left for a hefty dividend payout. more.
Do you want to reply to all your facebook birthday wishes? Say Thank You facebook app is the perfect solution you are looking more.
PDF preview support does not exist in Windows 7 explorer by default. This useful tool can add PDF support to Windows explorer, Office and more.
A cool beauty app that can give an answer to your fundamental human curiosity - How attractive am I? more.
Did you ever want to block a person or email id in Gmail from harassing you with never-ending emails ignoring your "Not-Interested" replies? more.
Google Drive is out. But Google's terms and conditions can make any one shy away!!! more.

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